Frequently asked questions


What is Techy Tech?
Techy Tech is your one-stop shop for all things tech education. We offer a wide range of high-quality learning materials that are suited for bother beginners and advanced learners.
What is the minimum age required to subscribe to Techy Tech?
You must be +18 or have received permission from a parent or legal guardian authorised to pay your bill.
Which devices are compatible with the service?
The service is compatible with all mobile phones and tablets. Al you need is a minimum 3G internet connection.
Does Techy Tech use or share my account information?
Engage in over 50 courses on a variety of unique and engaging topics. 


How much does the service cost?
1-day trial for $1.99, then $59.90/month with auto-renewal.
How am I charged for the service?
Service fees are charged to your credit card or mobile phone bill based on your preferred payment method.
How do I know if my subscription has expired?
Your subscription will auto-renew and not expire unless you cancel it.
How do I cancel my subscription?
Contact customer care or Click Here to cancel your subscription


How do I contact Customer Care?
• Send an e-mail to, or
• Call on +1 833-502-0984
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